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The Nilex NuDrain Greenroof System (GRS) provides a drainage path at the base of vegetated roof systems allowing for the effective drainage of excess water from the roof structure while retaining water to promote healthy vegetation.

Nilex NuDrain GRS is pre-assembled and easy to install, and consists of three layers:

  • The top layer is a root resistant filter fabric designed to resist the intrusion of fine soil particles and roots into the drainage core.
  • The drainage core in the middle provides the path through which water is efficiently drained from the roof structure. The drainage core also consists of a series of water retention chambers which provide moisture to the vegetation.
  • The bottom layer consists of a nonwoven geotextile designed to provide a protection course between the drainage system and the waterproofing.

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High strength and crush resistant
  • High flow capacity
  • Pre-assembled drain system
  • Built in water retention chambers
  • Low cost
  • Reduces weight of total system by eliminating sand or gravel
  • Prevents root penetration into drain layer
  • Filters fine particles and ensure drain efficiency

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