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- Model HLT -Prime - Micro Crack Sealing Coating



Nukote HLT-Prime (HLT-P) combines three important features into one treatment system: surface activation as a pre-primer, micro-crack sealing with a silica matrix, and water repellency. HLT-P provides heavy duty surface activation via a reactive colloidal siliconate. HLT-P promotes coating adhesion to concrete, by cross-linking organic and inorganic macro molecules. The reactive lithium silicate colloid penetrates and binds inside micro cracks to available cement hydrates to seal voids and improve surface micro-profiles. Combined with the siliconate water replant, HLT-P provides superior positive and negative pressure water blocking and repellency. HLT-P is formulated to promote aggressive bonding between concrete and Nukote polymer coatings.

Nukote HLT-P reduces the risk of coating failures due to moisture migration and outgassing by blocking moisture migration through the substrate. Nukote HLT-P is suitable for use as a pre-primer under flooring, liners, and adhered waterproofing membranes - including structures subject to hydrostatic pressure. Consult Nukote for a project specific surface evaluation to assist in selecting the best combination of products and application techniques.


  • Environmentally friendly with zero VOC
  • Improves wet adhesion and stability
  • Good wetting properties
  • Fast reaction time and matrix formation
  • Effective chloride and electrolyte barrier
  • Re-alkalizes carbonated concrete
  • Suitable for use on old and new substrates
  • Reduces risk of moisture out-gassing which can cause pin-holing and blisters in polyurea, polyurethane elastomers, or other polymer top coats


  • As an adhesion promoter and surface activator under polymeric coatings: polyurea, polyurethane, epoxy
  • Ideal for smooth and good quality concrete and beneficial application on older or weathered concrete

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