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Nutrimens™ is an all-natural bio-fermentation product. Liquid Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product is produced during the fermentation of an unmodified strain of botanical classification Saccharomyces cerevisiae, including products of fermentation, residual yeast cells and yeast fragments, and the media utilized during fermentation.

The use of carbon substrates as electron donors to enhance reductive dechlorination have been commercially used to remediate chemical contaminants since at least the early1990s.  To reduce costs, many in the industry have moved toward cheaper, less refined substrates with little regard toward substrate efficiency.

At many sites, a common technological challenge is maintaining sufficient nutrient concentrations to support biomass growth as well as contaminant and substrate metabolism.  We encourage our clients to include monitoring of groundwater nutrient levels and measurement of substrate utilization rates as indicators of in situ biological activity.

Many of these lower cost electron donors show poor kinetics and low efficiency.  Addition of nutrients can facilitate the remediation process.  Some practitioners add yeast extracts to promote the activities of contaminant degrading bacteria in bioremediation of halogenated hydrocarbon-impacted groundwater.  However, we are not aware of evidence that reports that yeast extract enhances the efficiency of electron donor utilization in bioremediation.

Our Nutrimens™ product, an all-natural bio-fermentation product produced during the fermentation of an unmodified strain of botanical classification Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a better choice than yeast extract.  Besides its role in increasing the rates of bioremediation, addition of Nutrimens™ increases the efficiency of electron donor utilization.  Another advantage of Nutrimens™ is that it also provides a source of soluble donor.  Our liquid formulation contains over 12% Total Carbon and our granular formulation with a half-life of approximately 18 months contains over 12% Total Carbon.  Nutrimens™ will reduce the remediation time and the amount of substrates required to achieve your goals.  In other words, the remedy will be faster, better and cheaper. In addition, Nutrimens™ has also been demonstrated to circumneutral pH.


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