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- Model CoMo-Series - Mobile Contamination Monitors



Mobile contamination monitors with plastic scintillation detector are used for routine of radiation protection inside a company to measure and check α- andβ-/γ-contaminations. With the mobile contamination monitors of the CoMo series, NUVIA Instruments GmbH offers you not only a high-end measuring instrument, but also a total solution for contamination and / or release measurement, combined with the practical accessories.


Depending on the field of application, you can choose between the following versions:

  1. CoMo 170
  2. CoMo 300
  3. Stationary version of the CoMo system
  4. CoMo 170 D

Connectable DetectorsA selection of special external detectors extends the practical application field of the contamination monitors

  1. Dose rate probe
  2. Pipe detector
  3. Pancake-contamination detector
  4. Flat probe
  5. Lantern detector
  6. Corner Detector


The following options are available:

  1. Floor bogey for 1 CoMo
  2. Floor bogey for 3 CoMo units
  3. Wall station
  4. Smear test station

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