- Model 10.94 - Ø 34 mm, 10 m Bentonite Plugs



Bentonite plugs are used for sealing bores to prevent water mixing from different aquifers, after augering.

  • Quality control of bentonite by KIWA certification institute
  • Chemical composition checked by KIWA
  • Hallmark data supplied with product
  • Only highest swelling bentonite is used
  • Increased integrity with extruded products
  • Extruded products are fiber re-enforced
  • Extruded products do not block, stick or bridge
  • Large variety in extruded products


  • Do not exceed diameter for which product was developed.

The plugs are available in 50 cm length and 34 mm or 48 mm diameter. The material used and the plugs’ shape ensure a reliable hydrological sealing. The plugs consists of 99% bentonite and only 1% synthetic fibres, resulting in absense of parts that could cause obstructions. An auger hole with a diameter of 70 mm will be entirely closed off in about three days. The properties of bentonite plugs are:

  • 100% sealing.
  • Water pressure will not lift the plugs when swollen.
  • Due to their rigidity and shape, the bentonite plugs can easily be pushed down to the desired depth.
  • Bentonite plugs are environmentally safe.
  • Based on bentonite KIWA K64405/01.

Chemical QC/QA Hallmark BRL KQ-265/02
Pure chlorinated hydro-carbons resistant no
Pure hydrocarbons resistant no
Package size 50 x 18 x 12 cm
Swelling capacity 100
Weight 11.8 kg

Environmental soil research
Monitoring well installation
Monitoring water quantity
Monitoring water quality
Water sampling

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