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- Model FD-Y500 - Ozone Water Purifier



Ozone water purifier (FD-Y500) is installed series with water pipe, it built-in a water flow sensor, when water tap turn on, the machine will be automatically switch on and produce ozonated water to Tap. It can be used for whole house system and where need ozonated water from tap. It’s easy to install and simple to use.

  • Model: FD-Y500
  • Input voltage supply: 220V 250AC 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 40-50W
  • Technology applied: Corona discharge
  • Gas source: Air
  • Ozone output: 500 gram/hr
  • Ozone concentration: 0.3-0.5PPM
  • Dimension: 420*150*320(mm)
  • Net weight: 16kg

  • Eliminate organic pesticide and bacteria by washing vegetable and fruit
  • Presserving food
  • Eliminate fishy smell
  • Eliminate bacteria and virus by washing hand table ware,kitchen ware,feeding-bottle, toys and even washing clothing and floor
  • Deodorize the smell from pet by using ozonated water to wash pet
  • Keep oral hygiene,deodorize bad breath and make teeth white
  • Prolong life for fresh flower
  • Make face abd skin more softer and more beautiful

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