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- OT-NAP Nano Air Purifier



Specification: Air flow rate: 1.5-2 m3. Input voltage: 220v. Rated power: 6w. Weight: 800g. Deodorization rate: 99.9%. Anion: 3*106/cm3.

Eliminate the dust, smoking.
Eliminate the bacteria like H5N1, H1N1.
Release Anion to fresh the indoor air.
With breathing Anion, lung will breathe in 20% extra oxygen and breathe out 15% extra carbon dioxide.
Help for expediting metabolism and will enhance immunity
Improve sleeping quality

Strong power of sterilizing Killed most of inimical bacteria
Long acting Non woven with nano silver can be cleaned over 100 times while maintaining in good performance.
High activity Nano silver own characteristic of high activity, especially in moist environment, owning stronger power of sterilizing.
Safety As testing from authority institution, Nano Silver has no harm, anti-irritation and causing no allergy to human body
Environmental friendly Have no negative effect to environment in production and application.

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