JT Electric A

JT Electric A

- Model 6 - Environmental Oxygen and Temperature Stations



Supply voltage: 230 / 400 VAC – 50 Hz. Earthfault breakers: 3. Fuses: 6. Bracket for installation: Universal, for all types of cages. No. of 230 VAC outlets: 6. Continious connection: Yes. Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 200 mm (L x B x D). Weight: 4,6 kg. Ordering No.: Oceanbox-6.

  • Marine omni antenna made for the harsh environment
  • Double boxes keeping the electronics safe
  • Optional up to 4 probes running from one station
  • Power supply cable can be made any preferred length
  • Metal frame holder made of stainless steal can be delivered with custom made attachments to the barge or cage
  • Cable from station to each probe can be made any prefered length

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