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- Self-Contained Biosphere


Atoll is a totally self-contained biosphere, which is specifically designed to be built in any location.  It is  a closed, indoor system with no water exchange and zero waste discharge into the environment. This section outlines the foundations of the Atoll system and the features that make it cost effective and efficient.

As an enclosed system that is insulated and air-conditioned, Atoll is designed to eliminate variable factors such as seasons, biological contamination, pollution, predation and adverse weather conditions.

It is fully automated and documented to ISO 9000 quality standards. The system and water purification processes are certified by the Hong Kong Government’s Aquaculture and Fisheries Conservation Department (AFCD). The unique modular feature enables for easy assembly and retro-fitting into existing structures near or in urban areas where supply of fresh sea water and removal of waste is difficult, costly and regulated. It also offers the ability to “stack” modules into vertical farms as demand grows without the need for acquiring additional land. Efficient and cost effective use of energy.

  • Atoll manages all waste produced within the system, without the need to discharge into the environment or set up alternative means of waste disposal.
  • Does not need any environmental approval.
  • Can be located in environmentally sensitive areas where discharge of waste is a highly political issue in protecting the surrounding marine or land environments.
  • Utilizes bacteria digesters to reduce waste to very small amounts, to the extent that the systems does not require to be flushed over many years of operation. This is combined with the de-nitrification process to ensure that there is no build up of toxic nitrates.

  • Typical Atoll is a compact unit covering an area of 45 sq meter or less
  • Can hold a biomass of up to 60kg/cubic meter of water.
  • No centralized mechanical drum filtration equipment is required, there by freeing up space for more grow out or storage capacity where space is limited.
  • No need for specialized plumbing for water inflow or waste disposal. Easily retrofitted into existing structures (farm operations, warehouse or logistics centers).
  • Proprietary bio-filtration process occupies a tenth of the space required by standard bio-filters.
  • No need for large UV light sterilization processes.
  • Flexible build-out configuration – modules can be stacked vertically reducing the overall footprint of a facility.

  • Atoll systems are automated and easily integrated into a centralized monitoring technology platform.
  • All bio-filters are self cleaning with no build up of bacteria and mould within internal pipes.
  • Automatic feeding systems.

  • Each Atoll is mutually exclusive from each other with no water sharing between modules or common plumbing to move water to/from centralized filtration processing plant.
  • Modules can be built and assembled on a just-in-time basis to cater for business growth.
  • Due to its modular configuration, each module can be set up for a variety of seafood species that require specific water temperature, salinity levels, water flows and lighting.

  • Food Conversion Ratio (FCR) of 1 to 1.3
  • Water heating/cooling costs kept to a minimum as water is recycled 100% and once optimum temperature is achieved, target temperature is easily maintained.
  • Facilities are built entirely indoors, removing risk of adverse weather, predation and disease introduction.
  • Due to unique risk mitigation and disease control processes, Atoll is the first such system to be able to have stock fully insured against loss at market value.
  • Lower logistics and transportation costs as facilities can be built in areas with considerably easier access to markets.
  • Lower initial capital cost with 3-5 year lease financing available.
  • Automation allows majority of the costs to be fixed, regardless of the volume of seafood within the system.

  • Typical Atoll system holds a total of 16 ton of water - 8 ton in the main storage tanks and 8 ton of water in the filtration and processing systems.
  • The process re-circulates the main storage volume once an hour, 24 cycles a day with no water exchange.
  • Proprietary bio-filtration and de-nitrification process removes ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. Therefore, no toxic build up over many years of operation without the need for water replacement or dilution.
  • Water is constantly sterilized utilizing high concentrations of ozone to neutralize all harmful bacteria and viruses, but does not effect the bio-filtration or holding stock.
  • Operations can be situated in locations with no access to fresh sea water.

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