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Let’s face it, there are cheaper ways to build your car wash. Stack up some CMU blocks, give it a lick of paint and you too can be an owner/operator. If you want to build a business to last, however, start with your building.


In the highly competitive car wash industry, owners are always looking for ways to attract customers. Groupons and tweets aren’t going to help if your facilities don’t look great. Your female demographic in particular will not feel secure in a dark or dirty wash environment. With Octaform’s easy-to-clean, bright white PVC finish, your wash walls look new for years to come.

Building with concrete also helps to reduce noise levels and minimize temperature swings. Even in the most extreme environments, an insulated Octaform wall will help maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Here’s how:

  • Octaform is the only wall forming system that is watertight. Water and wash chemicals will never touch your concrete, compromising its integrity.
  • Also, PVC won’t react to wash chemicals or support mold growth. Building with Octaform means that you will never have to repaint, coat or otherwise seal your walls again.
  • Upkeep is a thing of the past.

Builds Quickly
Octaform forms and protects your concrete walls in one step. The finish (and optional insulation) is built-in. This eliminates the need for liners, cladding or sealants and also simplifies construction. Our patented system assembles quickly without specialized labor or heavy equipment.

No cranes or steel forms are required.

Watertight & Worry-Free
Most wall systems start out looking fine but constant heat, harsh chemicals and old-fashioned dirt and grime will test any finish.

Octaform ensures that your vehicle wash performs and looks great today and years from now.

Build Something Better
A wash environment is tough on your walls. With Octaform, your car wash will look and perform like the day it was built for many years to come.

If long-term performance is a part of your business plan, Octaform can help.

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