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- Model WP-1 - Industrial use Powdered Mineral Adsorption Technology


WP-1™ is an innovative water and soil amendment produced by the chemical and physical activation of insoluble clay minerals. WP-1™ is specifically formulated for use in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s), industrial waste water and sewage treatment, aquaculture and a variety of natural aquatic systems e.g. ponds, lakes, reservoirs, lagoons, rivers, estuaries, dams, ornamental ponds and natural wetlands.

  • Scientifically proven adsorption of soluble phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N).
  • Scientifically proven reductions in hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) gas emissions.
  • Scientifically proven adsorption of soluble trace heavy metals e.g. Zn, Cu, Cd, Cr, Fe, Al etc.
  • High acid neutralizing capacity (ANC). One ton of WP-1™ can neutralize ~1.8 tons of concentrated sulfuric acid (H₂SO₄; 98%).
  • Effective over wide pH range (4-11) and both aerobic/anaerobic conditions.
  • Low dosage rate (15-300 ppm) depending on environment and treatment objectives.
  • Prevents nutrient runoff, eutrophication and pollution of rivers, lakes, streams and reservoirs.
  • Rapid results (>90% adsorption within 4hrs of WP-1™ application)
  • 100% environmental safe with extremely low eco-toxicity (Acute toxicity >2,000 mg/L)
  • Pollutants reacted with WP-1™ are permanently bound.
  • High specific gravity produces a consolidated WP-1™ layer at the sediment-water interface that is chemically inert, stable and resistant to re-suspension.
  • Any sites in the WP-1™ matrix layer that have not reacted remain active and will continue to bind pollutants (from both external and internal sources) until saturated.
  • WP-1™ applications can be designed to achieve a sustained reduction in pollutant levels.

Materials used to manufacture WP-1 satisfy the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), for classification as an inert non-hazardous material. The use of our technology will not result in the release of any trace elements at potentially hazardous concentrations. Additionally, our technology is partially derived from a byproduct of an industrial refining operation; consequently the reagent is an outstanding example of “Green Technology”.

Our technology can be manufactured and transported as either a 40-50% liquid slurry, dry powder or porous pellets of varying size. The technologies we distribute include, but are not limited to, the following:

WP-1 Technology provides a comprehensive solution to the treatment and management of heavy metals in water and soil. The Technology binds heavy metals in contaminated solid and liquid waste streams, generated by a variety of industries, consolidating hazardous constituents into inert solids that can be handled and disposed of without the need for further confinement. Our technology neutralizes acidity and reduces high concentrations of trace heavy metals i.e. zinc, copper, iron, aluminum, cadmium etc. typically produced by acid mine drainage or acid sulfate soils. In addition, our technology reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), phosphate, odor, copper, chromium, mercury and arsenate from industrial water.

The advantages you gain by using our technology, compared to conventional treatment methods such as lime include:

  • We can achieve much lower metal concentrations in metal contaminated waters than lime, ensuring that treated water can meet standards that will protect sensitive eco-systems.
  • Our technology, unlike lime, does not produce large volumes of unstable contaminated sludge that has to be managed and disposed of safely. We generate a “sediment” that is typically 50% more consolidated than conventional flocculants, i.e. alum or lime.
  • Unlike lime, our technology will not release the bound metals unless treated with very strong reagents and the longer it is left to age, after use, the more tightly the metals are bound.
  • Unlike lime, our reagent cannot be leached from the soil by rainwater or groundwater before acid, that needs to be neutralized, has formed.
  • Bicarbonate ions that form when some of the lime dissolves may accelerate the decomposition of sulfides.
  • When acid sulfate soils or sulfidic mine tailings are treated with our technology, the can be re-vegetated without the need for the addition of other materials.
  • The mechanisms involved in the removal of iron and aluminum from the water do not result in a reduction in acid neutralization capacity.
  • Our technology’s adsorption mechanisms are not redox sensitive. Consequently, our blends will not release bound metals under reduced redox conditions.
  • Heavy metal removal occurs rapidly (within hours), is not reversible and is not sensitive to the physical and chemical conditions of the system, which may hinder metal removal via other technologies (i.e. systems switching between aerobic and anaerobic).
  • We can simultaneously remove hazardous trace heavy metals such as copper, zinc and mercury to extremely low concentrations eliminating, where necessary, the need for complex treatment systems.
  • Our technology can be physically and chemically engineered to suit the prevailing physio-chemical conditions of virtually any potential treatment location.
  • Our technology is not capital or labor intensive so consequently, it can be easily and cost effectively implemented.

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