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FlocClays are bentonite and organoclay based flocculants in powdered form that remove oils, grease, surfactants, dyes, inks, coolants, solvents, metals and heavy metals and suspended solids from wastewater. FlocClays consist of bentonite, organoclay, and other basic items that cause encapsulation of oils and greases, removal of other organics by partition and chemical bonding, as well as removal of heavy metals by precipitation, ion exchange and chemical bonding.

The sulfate group then separates ionically into a sulfate ion and another amino group which is free to react with another sulfide or mercaptan. Thus, a small amount of OdorZorb 427 can impact large amounts of sulfides and mercaptans. OdorZorb 427 also contains a proprietary acid which reacts with ammonia and amines to convert them to harmless salts. OdorZorb 427 contains oxygenated terpenes which participate in ionic reactions and are highly reactive toward many odorous compounds. In summary, OdorZorb 427 encapsulates, emulsifies, and generates specific reactions with odorous gases such as sulfides, thiols, amines, and ammonia to generate decomposition and re-composition reactions with aromatic structures and other circular hydrocarbons. These reactions continue in a series to release key components as they are no longer needed. These components are then free to function in the same reaction chain with other odorous molecules. These released components are self replicating to some degree. This is what allows substantial dilution of OdorZorb 427 while still producing high impact performance.

Odorzorb 427 has a specific reaction with odorous gases such as: Sulfides, Thiols, Amines, Ammonia.

Odorzorb 438 is used as a topical spray for landfills, pump stations, around dumpsters and any place that contains intrusive odors. Odorzorb 438 is designed to be mixed at at ratio of 1:1000 with water. It is highly concentrated and guaranteed to eliminate odors.

Odorzorb 470 is used for Aeration (Atomizing) Acrylate odors. For odorous areas, we recommend spraying into the air at at ratio of 1:1000 with water.

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