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Odour and Dust Solutions can offer various types of systems. We can design and manufacture bespoke sprinkler systems for quarries, road ways or recycling facilities. Sprinkler can supply an option to dusty roads and sites where wetting is required. Our sprinkler systems are designed to suit each site , this allows the customer to obtain a sprinkler system that is beneficial to there situation.

Sprinklers can reach up to 30 metres and with a radius up to 360 degrees and where the spray requires to reach over 30 metres we can use our range of rainguns. Sprinkler systems can be manually operated or we can supply a seven day 24 hour control panel to allow automatic operation. Solenoids fitted at each sprinkler also allows variation on which sprinkler operates and when. Panels can be fitted with remote facilities and auxillarry contacts to allow remote monitoring of the system.

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