- Analytical Ferrography



The sample diluted with solvent is running over an object carrier which is an inclined plane. Under this glass band there is a horizontal magnet. At the peak of the object carrier the magnetic field force has its lowest intensity. On the lower end of the carrier the glass band almost touches the magnet which means that the field force at this point reaches its highest intensity. As soon as the oil-solvent mixture passes the carrier, the larger easily magnetizable iron particles deposit in the upper part. The smaller particles need a stronger magnetic intensity and accordingly they deposit more deeply. The deposit follows the pattern of the magnetic field lines.

From the arrangement of the large and small iron particles which can be seen under the microscope and the shape of the particles it can be concluded, whether there is fretting corrosion, abrasion by dust, corrosion, micropitting etc.

  • Sample quantitiy needed: 1 ml
  • Unit
  • Test result: Evaluation with colour pictures Individual report, statement about the cause of wear
  • Operating time: ~ 20 min
  • Analysis of: Gear oils and lubricants for special applications

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