OELMAIER Technology GmbH

- Model INV 250 / 300 - Plasma Inverter



Due to the combination of power systems up to 500 amps with the pilot current source 5-10 A as kit, it is possible to make plasma current supply sources of 250 - 500 amps.Thanks to the excellent ignition features of the pilot arc, the ignition for each torch is guaranteed. Because of the open circuit voltage below 113 V, the systems can be alsoapplied in case of increased electric risk. The operating system for the pilot current supply source is also available (optional) as well as the HF-choke for 15 amps and the appropriate ignition unit.

  • excellent welding features for highest demands   
  • best ignition features by high system dynamics   
  • compact size  
  • high system efficiency grade  
  • precision controled welding current (constant current)   
  • mains current limitation during welding operation       
  • suited for welding in areas with increased electric risk S       
  • easy assembly and wiring in the welding unit, thereby high function security and economic complete assembly       
  • well approved layout       
  • complete, checked, pre-assembled delivery condition       
  • CE-conform

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