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- Model AWS - Welding Systems



By these welding systems for the field of automatization it is possible to combine best welding current supply sources with a host processor and develop a welding system which can be configurated by the customer and meet the highest demands for precision and reproducibility.The customer can diagnose and correct possible errors local by the integrated diagnostic system. These welding systems are available for welding with AC, with DC and for plasma welding.

  • seriel interface
  • excellent welding features for highest demands
  • best ignition features by high system dynamics
  • compact size
  • high system efficiency grade
  • precision controled welding current (constant current)
  • mains current limitation during welding operation
  • suited for welding in areas with increased electric risk Si
  • current (form) during AC-TIG welding is rectangular with best arc stability
  • frequency of AC-TIG are can be adjusted stepless:30..200Hz
  • balance of plus- and minus half-wave can be stepless varied between 25% ..75%
  • well approved layout
  • complete, checked, pre-assembled delivery condition
  • CE-conform

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