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- Model IRM-915 - Portable Hg Stack Process Monitor



IRM 915 is the most advanced portable mercury analyzer (with speciation ability) designed to perform Parametric Hg Testing, Hg Control Technology Evaluation and Relative Accuracy Testing Audits on site.

Designed as an instrumental replacement for Ontario Hydro method, this is a good tool for testing certification of permanent CEMMs and on-site performance evaluation of Mercury Control technologies.

IRM-915 Mercury Stack Monitor has passed RATA (Relative Accuracy Test Audit). Results are available per request.

Real-Time continuous mercury monitor is based on the analytical approach of Thermo catalytic conversion and Atomic Absorption for detection of mercury with Zeeman background correction. This approach requires no preconcentration on gold eliminating the associated problems. The use of multipath cell combined with 'dry' converter provides highest sensitivity with no interferences from the combustion gas matrix. High converter temperature (700°C), short residence time and up to 1:100 dilution prevents Mercury atoms from recombining with any 'active' species generated due to high temperature decomposition of flue gas.

Heated Probe and Heated Filter with Dilution/Conversion assembly are used for 'High' or 'Low' particulate loading. Results are reported on 'wet' basis as regulation requires.

Mercury speciation is possible with this system.

  • Detection limit : 0.1 to 100 µg/m³
  • Data output : 1 sample/30 seconds
  • Calibration : Integrated Elemental Hg Calibrator
  • Set-up or take-down time : Less than 3 hours
  • Utilities : 110/220 V 1000 watt, compressed air (dry, -40ºC) 1 SCFM at 80 psig or plant air at 2 SCFM at 90 psig
  • Maintenance : Annual replacement of mercury lamp, particulate cartridge filters/scrubbers replacements based on use
  • Dimensions and weight : 1 rolling pelican case, 90 lbs
  • 1 Probe/filter/converter, 150 lbs
  • Data processing : Laptop PC with MS Windows operation software and preloaded OL software, Excel data file, remote data transfer and system control
  • Warranties : 100% parts and labor covered for 1 year. 1 year warranty does not include consumables (filters, heaters, scrubbers, converter and Hg lamp)
  • Acceptance criteria : Unit must pass RATA by method 30B after on-site installation. Ohio Lumex will provide RATA testing at no cost under customer supervision with full disclosure of the results. The RATA and initial training will be combined. Only travel, per diem and visit time (as above) will be charged and quoted separately

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