Ohio Lumex

- Model OLM30B - Sorbent Trap Sampling System



The systemis designed for portability and ease of use to perform short term RATA sampling, CEM performance certifications, diagnostic studies for mercury control technologies, and baseline testing.  This low cost, compact, and field-proven system is easy to learn and use. It is ideal for sampling mercury emissions based on EPA Reference Method 30B.  The sampler is housed in a light-weight rugged, portable case that can withstand even the harshest testing environments.  The system extracts two separate flue gas samples through co-located sorbent traps attached to the end a dual action probe which has the ability to be both heated and cooled depending on the sampling conditions.

The OLM30B console is a dual train, fully functional sampling system, complete with Mass Flow Controllers, vacuum gauges, a WatLow controller with thermocouple input and probe power port. Due to the Mass Flow Controllers, the system is cable of sampling at extremely low or high flow rates and stack temperatures. The flow rates are also effortlessly adjusted and the total volumes are clearly displayed and easy to reset.  The sampling probe accepts 10mm sorbent traps, is heated at full length, and has external cooling capability. A cooling blower provides enough cooling air to use probe in Speciating mode.

  • ACCURACY:  2% FS Max
  • FLOW: 0-2 Liters Per Minute (Greater Optional)
  • VOLTS: 110/220
  • POWER: 500 WATTS

The OLM30B sampling system comes with:

  • Sampling Console
  • Pair of Drierite dryer canisters
  • Sampling Probe with cooling port
  • Air Lines
  • Power Lines/ Thermocouple Line
  • Cooling Blower
  • Cooling Hose/ Clamp Assembly
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Kit (optional)

  • Very light weight (approximately 15 lbs and 31lbs for Probe)
  • Water Resistant
  • Provides a steady flow rate thanks to mass flow controllers with wide turn-down ratio and high accuracy
  • Modular and easily transportable
  • Simple to use
  • “Set It and Forget It,” No adjustments required during sampling
  • Ability to perform Total and Speciating Hg using cooling / heated probe

Fully Compliant with US EPA Reference Method 30B

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