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Ohmic Heater



Fouling (and consequently cleaning) of heat exchangers in the food industry are significant issues. Traditional heating using brazed plate, tube-in-tube and scraped surface heat exchangers particularly in the dairy industry can pose a huge environmental problem of fouling of equipment during processing. In addition, costs of effluent disposal and necessary plant shut downs can pose extra headaches.


  • Can be integrated with existing control systems
  • Automatic cleaning using standard CIP operations
  • Automatic control, easy to use touch screen facility
  • Modular system for complete flexibility
  • More even heat distribution
  • Handles high solids/particulate content, low shear maintains their shape and appearance e.g. berries
  • Handles high viscosity products
  • Working temperatures up to 180oC
  • Both solid particulates and liquids media are heated volumetrically


  • Rapid heating – short residence times
  • Increased flavour and vitamins compared to traditional heat exchangers
  • Easy maintenance - reduced cost
  • Less product loss - higher product yield
  • Easily retrofitted to existing lines
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Robust
  • Increased efficiency – 95% of input energy transferred to the product

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