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Oil Absorbent Pads


Oil-only pads are made of melt blown polypropylene and will repel water while absorbing petroleum based fluids. These oil only absorbent pads are ideal for environmental cleanup applications, automotive, marine, or industrial plant applications or anywhere oil spills occur.Oil only absorbent pads are available for variety of oil spill cleanup applications.These oil only absorbent pad products are engineered to selectively absorb hydrocarbons such as oil, gas, kerosene, motor oil, toluene, or any chemical consisting of a hydrogen and carbon.

  • Pure melt blown polypropylene fibers are the most cost-effective adsorption technology today for oil-only absorbent pads and products
  • Fast wicking fibers absorb up to 25 times their weight in hydrocarbon fluids
  • Durable, medium-weight pads absorb petroleum based liquids, not water
  • Ideal when you have to clean up oily spills or drips anywhere oil only needed
  • Medium Weight construction

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