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Oil Filters Recycling



Old oil and unused paint are hazardous wastes which must be recycled properly and not washed down the drain wheras the steel used in these products is a valuable and recyclable material. A PEL Oil Filter crusher allows the correct segregation of these two waste streams at the point of production and will generate savings on the disposal costs of these materials.

The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Oil Filter crushers allow the quick and efficient reduction of waste oil filter and paint can volume by a factor of up to 5:1, reducing the disposal cost of the waste filters and paint cans and creating a cleaner and safer working environment.

  • An oil filter is made of three basic items: paper, steel and plastic
  • All of these items are recyclable when sent to the proper recycling outlet
  • Old motor oil can be refined, reconditioned or reprocessed to become usable again
  • Oil filters that are not recycled must be managed as fully regulated hazardous waste
  • Lubrication properties of motor oil persist & it can be recycled indefinitely

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