Canadian Clear

Canadian Clear

Oil Removal System for Effluent Treatment



Canadian Clear can design, manufacture and supply Oil & Grease Traps / Skimmers, etc. using various technologies for effective removal of Oil & Grease present in the wastewater, as per customer requirement.

We provide:

  • Oil Skimmers
  • Oil & Grease Traps
  • Oil Separators for large scale applications
  • API, TPI, CPI separators which can be supplied both in prefabricated and civil based systems.

Canadian Clear also offers full fledged refinery effluent recyling plants including reverse osmosis systems.

Canadian clear offers preliminary primary ETP to ZLD with various combination of MBBR, MBR < UASB followed by MEE (multiple Effect evoparators), solar evoparators.

Sludge handling, decantering, and secured land fill is also addressed with modern technologies.

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