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Oil-Water Separators


Our separators have been independently tested by B.S.IHemel Hempstead, England; L.G.A. Wurzberg, Germany and C.S.T.B. Nantes, France, the major separator test facilities in Europe. The EN858 test simulates a rain storm with oil being mixed turbulently into the water before entering the separator. The outflow from the separator must contain less than 5 parts oil per million part water. Separators which achieve this standard can normally be placed so that the output flows directly to streams, lakes and rivers without polluting them. All our separators are approved by the U.K. Environment Agency and the British Standards Institute. Our class 2 separators have also been independently tested in Nantes. Class 2 separators are normally installed to flow into a drain which will receive some treatment.

  • Stainless steel slider allows complete and simple removal of the filter chamber, automatic closure valve and all seals for maintenance.
  • Lightweight filter assembly with locking and locating mechanisms.
  • Automatic closure valve seals the outlet to prevent oil from escaping from the separator.
  • Tough glass fibre construction lasts as long as the drainage pipes that it is connected to.
  • Single access turret allows full access for maintenance.
  • Light total weight allows easy transportation and installation without heavy lifting equipment.
  • Small overall size gives cheaper installations and reduced transport costs.


  • Class 1 - 5 PPM with coalescing filter and automatic closure valve, the entire flow is treated to remove silt and oils.
  • 10 PPM - with coalescing filter and automatic closure valve, the entire flow is treated.
  • Class 2 - 100 PPM with optional automatic closure valve, the entire flow is treated.

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