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- Air Purifier Filter



Air purifier that captures oil particles. Designed lo treat oil mists laden with dust or clogging products. Output depends on the number of filter stages installed. Ideal for concentrations >50 mg/m3. Flow: From 4000 to 50.000 m3/h.

The Oilpack3 is designed to filter an oil mist created within the metal working environment. It permits the extraction of air from several workstations, reduces the risk of incidents, protecting the operators and discharges the clean air back to atmosphere.

It is especially designed for treating oil mists emitted from machine tool operation, centre lathes, rectifiers, turning machines, milling machines etc. The quantity of the oil mist extracted is important, as is the presence of dust and large particles.

The air laden with oil mist is extracted into the casing section before passing through a one or two-stage metallic filter system to retain the oil particles. The oil is recovered to the lower collection bin and is continuously removed via a non-return valve. The clean air exits at the top of the unit. Access doors are provided for maintaining the filter elements. The externally mounted manometer displays the differential pressure drop across the unit. A washing system can be installed for cleaning the first stage of the metal filter system. This operation cannot be undertaken while the unit is in operation, the system must be stopped and the instructions followed in the operating and maintenance manual. If required, a third level of filtration can be installed to compliment further the efficiency of the unit.

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