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- Model OS-100HT - High Temperature Oil Content Monitor



Oil Content Monitor built to USCG/IMO (MEPC.60(33)) requirements; consisting of self cleaning Sensor Unit, Control Unit with built-in Strip Chart Recorder, interconnect cable, Remote Status Indicator, and tech manual.

  • SELF CLEANING:Optical surface is cleaned each time it samples and expels water. Reduces maintenance and eliminates errors from fouled surfaces.
  • COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC OPERATION:Requires no attention from operators.
  • EASILY INSTALLED:No troublesome tubing to connect.
  • RELIABLE ON-LINE SAMPLING:Provides real-time results every 8 seconds without distortion from tubing to off-line site.
  • STANDARD FEATURES:Built in Strip Chart, LED meter, 4-20mA output, 10 amp relay and Remote Status Indicator.
  • OPTIONS:The OS-100 is available in a High Temperature (240F) and a NEMA4 Explosion Proof (Class 1, Division 1, Group D) versions for the Sensor Unit.
  • RUGGED DESIGN:Marine grade 316 stainless steel, bronze and aluminum.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT:Sensor Unit weighs less than 7 kg and Control Unit less than 10 kg.
  • APPROVALS:U.S. Coast Guard 162.050/9002/1, ABS OONN10170 and IMO Resolution MEPC.60 (33).

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