Okada America, Inc

Okada America, Inc

- Model OSC Series - Geometric Design Converts Cylinder


Unrivaled crushing force, short cycle time. Okada's geometric design converts cylinder output to crushing force in constant manner and creates unmatched crushing force with a short cycle time.

  • Exceptional productivity : The large jaw opening and larger crushing area ensure unparalleled productivity.
  • Pressure relief valve : A standard built-in pressure relief valve protects against overload.
  • Superior design and materials : A lightweight, high tensile strength steel box structure ensures excellent durability.
  • Protective structure, The use of a cylinder rod protector and the location of the hydraulic cylinder in the frame protects the cylinder rod from exposure to concrete rubble.
  • Unique Okada crushing teeth The unique Okada crushing teeth combine pulverizing wedges and cutter blades to efficiently process reinforced concrete. The crushing tooth and wedges are made of wear-resistant cast alloy, and the bolt-on cutter blade is four edge indexable.

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