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We are proud to introduce OlfoSense 'Intelligent Multi Sensor Array', developed in cooperation with Airsense Analytics GmbH. It represents a new generation of the electronic nose completely dedicated to environmental monitoring, providing a monitoring network with multiple control units for supervising large areas where emissions are produced.

OlfoSense measures Odor (UO/m3), VOC, H2S, NH3, PM10, PM2.5, PM1. 


  • MOS (Metal Oxide Sensors)
  • PID (Photoionization detector)
  • 2 Electrochemical cells
  • OPC (Optical Particle Counter), 'Light Scattering' principle.

Each module is connected to a central Server which manages the analytical parameters with meteorological data, displaying a real-time dispersion plume of pollutants in the surrounding area [SMIT (Multimodal system of spatial information)].

Limit values for odor level / concentrations can be set and users are notified whenever thresholds are exceeded.

OLFOSENSE is a registered trade mark:

  • 0001653796 (Italy - UIBM)
  • 015001993 (Europe - UAMI)


  • The Instruments Division of our company is engaged in saling worldwide products for environmental control.
  • We support clients through our sale offices located in the major italian cities, and we provide trainings for users.

Network for Odor Management
AIRSENSE Analytics and PCA Technologies from Italy have developed OlfoSense, the new control tool designed to implement a network for odor leakage monitoring over large areas, at the perimeter of plants, and at sources.

OlfoSense is a versatile device that can be used also for urban air monitoring, putting you in constant touch with factors that affect public quality of life.

Chemical and petrochemical plants are high impact and entail environmental risks. People often complain about odors and this can lead to increasing fears for public health. An OlfoSense network guarantees protection in such dangerous cases, where the Bureau of Environmental Protection can react immediately if thresholds are exceeded.


  • Photoionization Detector (PID)
  • 2 electrochemical cells (ECD)
  • 4 metal oxide semiconductors (MOS)
  • Optical particle counter (OPC)

Olfosense controls Odor level (OU/m3), total VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), H2S , NH3, PM10, PM25, PM1 concentrations.

Important Features of the OlfoSense

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Outdoor operation
  • Combination of 4 kinds of sensors
  • Full-time monitoring



  • It is very easy to set threshold values for each OlfoSense by remote control; if thresholds are exceeded, OlfoSense sends an alarm to the operator or to the local authorities. In these cases, it’s also possible to activate an external sampling system (canister, ecc.) for chemicaltoxicological analysis.

Monitoring parameters

  • Measure time for cycle: from 30 sec to infi nite
  • Number of cycles in sequence: up to infi nite
  • Flush time: from 50 sec to 7200 sec


  • MOS Sensor Array: Each calibrated with a specifi c temperature.
  • VOC detector: PID 10.6 eV – Sensitivity: 5 ppb - 20 ppm, (optional 25 ppb - 200 ppm).
  • OPC detector: Optical particle counter - Detection limits (PM10): 0.01 μg/m3 - 1 500 mg/m3.
  • H2S detector: electrochemical cell - Sensitivity: 5 ppb - 50 ppm
  • NH3 detector: electrochemical cell - Sensitivity: 0.5 - 100 ppm


  • Data transfer: GPRS / Ethernet / ZigBee module can be added for interconnection between devices

System Requirements

  • Operating system Software:
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • OlfoMuster (setting), OlfoClient (remote control)


  • Power: 25 W
  • 220V/50Hz
  • solar panel (optional)


  • 12 months

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