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- Solidifying Flocculent



OMNI-FIX is a patented dry powder formulation of inorganic chemical that produces a peptized gel in aqueous solutions and dispersions. This gel has high flocculating and ion exchange properties for water insoluble organics and multivalent metal ions.

Applications: For the recovery of suspended hydrocarbons in waste water discharges and storm water runoff. Petroleum refineries, fuel transfer areas, and storm water drainage systems in protected watershed areas.

Appearance: Light tan powder 60-350 M. Slightly hygroscopic; protect from moisture
Density: 40#/ cubic foot
Ph: 11.3

Upon addition to a solution, emulsion or dispersion, OMNI-FIX starts to settle immediately after agitation stops. In most cases a minimum agitation time of 15 minutes is required. A self solidifying sludge and clarified liquid layer results. In most cases, over 99.9% of the pollutants are removed. The upper layer usually meets the POTW requirements for discharge and the resultant sludge meets E.P.A. TCLP requirements for non-hazardous disposal.

In some cases the addition of an Alum type flocculent will aid in settling. After the OMNI-FIX reaction, the addition of 1-5% lime will aid in removing excess phosphates and fluorides. The sludge sets to a firm soil-like consistency upon drying. If required, additional OMNI-FIX or OMNI-KAP may be added to improve insolubilization.

When working with OMNI-FIX, a pH of from 4-6.5 is desirable. The correct Ph is that where the metal ions are at their least solubility. DO NOT lower pH below 4. Ratios of 1:30 to 1:200 OMNI-FIX/waste depending on concentration and type of pollutant to be removed (from 8 ounces to 1 ounce/gallon of OMNI-FIX) Use monovalent alkali to adjust pH. DO NOT USE LIME prior to OMNI-FIX addition. Precipitated ions will not react.

OMNI-FIX will NOT react with monovalent ions. Change the valence (such as mercury) to multivalent prior to OMNI-FIX addition. Chelated ions must be broken prior to reaction. Passing the chelate through a bed of iron fillings or steel wool easily does this.

Avoid high speed stirring (250-1000 rpm is satisfactory). Do not exceed 40 degrees C. Mixing times of 15 minutes to one hour are required. Sludge fixation takes from 1 to 12 hours. Clarified liquids should be tested for free ion before discharge as additional OMNI-FIX may be required.

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