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- Regenerative Ion Exchange Media



OMNI-TRAP media is a patented dry powder formulation of zeolitic clays that can be used in column and other type filters to remove multivalent cations (metals) from aqueous waste streams. It is activated by the addition of a solution of sodium or potassium alkali (Sodium or Potassium Carbonate or Hydroxide) and will exchange these ions for metals such as Cu, Zn, Cr, Cd, Pb, Hg (+2), Ca, Al and most other multivalent metals including Radioactives.

Applications: For heavy metal effluent streams as a filter media to collect lead, cadmium, gold, silver, platinum, copper and zinc.

Appearance: Light tan powder 20-300 mesh; slightly hygroscopic.
Ph: 5.7
Density: 20#/cubic foot
Exchange Capability: 0.9 m.e.q./gram

The following conditions should be observed in using OMNI-TRAP™ media:

  1. Initial and subsequent additions of alkali should be no greater than 15% solutions and the effluent pH NO higher than 9.5. Excessive alkali will hydrolyze the silicate ions reducing ion exchange efficiency.
  2. After initial alkali additions, stream additions should be no higher than 1,000 ppm. Higher concentrations will require multiple passes or multiple filters. The waste stream MUST be at an acid pH that will produce maximum solubility. Chelated ions must be broken. Passing through a bed of iron filings or steel wool will break mot chelates. Higher concentrations of oils and other water insoluble organics should be first removed by passing through a SorbaSolv™ filter (see data sheet). Excessive organics and suspending solids will foul and blind this media.
  3. In cases of low pH waste streams, additional alkali may be added before the media is exhausted. This should be done as outlined above. Extreme slowing of throughput and passing of ion in amounts of greater than 1 ppm usually indicates media exhaustion.
  4. Regeneration of the media is accomplished by flushing with 10% to 50% solutions of Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, Acetic or Nitric acids. The resultant solution (usually 0.1N or higher) can be then collected for recycling or disposal. The filter media should be flushed with a minimum of three volumes of clean water before alkali activation.
  5. Input temperatures should be between 50? and 250? degrees F. While OMNI-TRAP™ media is not itself corrosive, many waste streams are. We suggest the use of appropriate construction materials when setting up this system. All systems should be bench tested prior to actual plant use.

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