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- Model HAZ-MAT Pack - Stat for Emergency Spill Control



Haz-Mat Pack - Everything required to handle ANY spill from acids to caustics to oils. The OMNI Hazmat Stat Pack is the pefect kit for the first responder. The heavy weight plastic bag contains: Two (2) SorbaSetS booms that turn most acids into non-hazardous solids. One (1) SorbaSetB boom for caustics. Two (2) STOP-IT! booms for non-aggressive liquids that can be wrung out for recycling. One (1) SorbaSolv boom for oil only pick up. Also included are shoe covers, gloves, disposal bags, googles, MSDS’s and identification labels.

The omni hazmat stat pack can be hung on a wall as a Spill Response Station or carried behind a truck seat to fulfill contingency requirements for O.S.H.A. and E.P.A. regulations.

The OMNI products in the Haz Mat Stat Pack represent state of the art products for spill response. The patented SorbaSet series are neutralizing/solidifiers that turn most acids and caustics into NON-HAZARDOUS solids that can be disposed of easily and economically. STOP-IT! is made from recycled fibers in a form that allows easy wringing for higher recovery for liquids that are to be recovered for proper disposal. SorbaSolv is also based on recycled fibers that have been chemically modified through an exclusive patented process to completely repel water and abosrb oils & solvents only. SorbaSolvmaybe wrung out for liquid recovery as well.

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