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ClaremontBio's OmniLyse  Lysis Kit is an ultra-rapid and mechanical cell disruptor, capable of lysis in roughly one minute with even hard-to-lyse gram-positive organisms and is hailed by the USDA as the best available method. 'OmniLyse methods provided the greatest consistent yield of genomic DNA.'- Irwin et al. BMC Microbiology (2014) 14:326 - USDA publication - Near-Quantitative Sampling of Genomic DNA from Various Food-Borne Eubacteria. The OmniLyse  Lysis Kits utilize a bead beating method to quickly shear open cells without the use of harsh chemicals, wash baths, or a centrifuge. The OmniLyse is operated by a battery pack and can be used anywhere. Capable of disrupting most types of cells, the OmniLyse  Lysis Kit is an excellent fit for various downstream applications. The OmniLyse  Kits are highly customizable and allow for easy integration into systems and applications for commercially available products or in earlier phases of product development.

  • Rapidly lyses a wide range of cell types in roughly 1 minute
  • Works with cells including gram-positive & gram-negative, yeast, mammalian, spores, cysts, and many more
  • No chemicals or wash steps make OmniLyse® Kits ideal for sensitive assays that can be affected by the presence or organic compounds.
  • Disposability and portability allow OmniLyse® Kits to be stored under normal laboratory condition. After use, the kits can then be simply thrown away without any harm to the environment.
  • No centrifugation steps
  • Simple protocol

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