- Marine Sewage Treatment Units



The only marine sewage treatment system that oxidizes sewage through an electrolytic process as well as generates sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of the sewage streams. OMNIPURE marine sewage treatment units provide effective electrolytic treatment of both black and grey water, meeting personnel treatment capacities ranging from one to more than five hundred people, through a patented and certified process. OMNIPURE systems range in capacity from 781 to 15,842 gals/day as individual units that can be combined for an increased capacity.

The OMNIPURE marine sanitation device unit is versatile and may be installed on ocean going vessels, and fixed or mobile offshore platforms. The complete skid mounted system consists of pre-assembled Schedule 80 PVC piping and valve works, mounting skid, tanks, control panel/power supply, bookcell, and macerator. The process piping on the unit is divided into replaceable sections via flanges, unions or union type ball valves. The piping and valves included in this OMNIPURE unit meets ASTM D-1784 industry standards.

  • Effective electrolytic wastewater treatment
  • Treats both black and gray waters
  • Patented, US Coast Guard, Type II certified and IMO Certified
  • Compact and lightweight with short retention periods
  • Requires less installation space - 10 times smaller than other systems
  • Unit operating weight is up to 10 times less than other systems
  • Modular or skid-mounted units available
  • Eliminates storage, handling and purchasing of hazardous chemicals
  • No odor or sludge associated with process
  • Easy-to-install, operate and service
  • No filters or screens to clean
  • No additional surge tank required
  • No microorganisms to keep alive
  • No growth media to replace or clean
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Low maintenance
  • Accommodates varying crew complements
  • Operation is not hampered by cleaning fluids
  • -Operation is not effected by sea motion
  • Operates on-demand, instantaneous on-off operation
  • Complete treatment of influent occurs in 30 minutes as compared to 30 hours with other systems
  • 25 plus years of field installations onboard oceangoing vessels and offshore production platforms

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