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Used in lubrication oil and engine testing laboratories worldwide, the InfraCal Soot Meter provides an easy-to-use ASTM approved test method for percent soot in diesel engine lubricating oils. Results correlate to the TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) reference method and FTIR methods. 

The Soot Meter is also ideal for truck, bus or off-highway fleets, onboard ships, construction or mining sites and power generation stations. Samples are applied scratch-resistant cubic zirconia attenuated total reflectance (ATR) sample plate and easily cleaned with a cloth or paper towel - no solvents requiring special ventilation or expensive waste disposal or difficult to clean cells. The analysis can be done by non-technical personnel with no formal training.

InfraCal Soot meter features

  • Factory calibrated for ease of use
  • Direct Reading - one-step measurement
  • Measure levels to 15% without sample dilution
  • Rapid Analysis - less than 30 seconds
  • Compact, portable and rugged
  • ASTM approved test method

Ideal for:

  • Oil testing labs - results comparable to TGA or FT-IR with less time and expense
  • Engine test labs - obtain on-the-spot engine testing assessment
  • Fleet maintenance shops - test engine oil to determine exactly when to schedule oil changes
  • Construction or mining sites - check on-site to reduce equipment downtime
  • On-Board Ship - no need to return to port to monitor oil condition
  • Back-up Diesel Generators - prevent clogged filters that could shut the generator down

The InfraCal single wavelength infrared analyzer, offers several advantages over an FTIR for soot in diesel engine oil analysis

  1. Measure up to 12%-15% soot without dilution: An FTIR with a transmission sampling stage will measure a maximum soot concentration of 5%. Samples above the saturation point must be diluted to be within that measurement range.
  2. Small foot print: Whether the location is an on-site mobile lab or a crowded testing lab, the instrument’s 6” x 6” footprint is a space saver.
  3. Rugged construction: With no moving parts and a battery pack option, filter based IR analyzers are ideal for field based operations such as heavy duty off road vehicles at construction or mining sites as well as high volumes of samples in a laboratory.
  4. Compatible with ASTM D7686 Test Method: Standard Test Method for Field-Based Condition Monitoring of Soot in In-Service Lubricants Using a Fixed-Filter Infrared (IR) Instrument
  5. No cells to clean or cleaning solvents required: Samples are applied directly to a scratch resistant cubic zirconia ATR (attenuated total reflection) surface and wiped off with a paper towel. FTIR transmission cells require careful cleaning with solvents.

  • Measure up to 12%-15% soot without dilution
  • Small foot print
  • Rugged construction with no moving parts
  • Compatible with ASTM D7686 Test Method
  • No cells to clean or cleaning solvents required

This product is compliant with the following test methods:

  • ASTM D7686
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Soot

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