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On-Line Condenser Monitor System


Principle: The On-Line Monitor directly measures the heat transfer performance of an operating condenser or heat exchanger by installing instrumentation directly to the outlet end tube sheet. By blocking off selected tubes, temperature sensors may be installed to read the wall temperature of the blocked off tube, while other sensors are placed to read the inlet and outlet fluid temperatures. Because there is no fluid flow in the blocked off tube, the wall temperature comes into equilibrium with the surroundings and represents the steam temperature at that position of the condenser/heat exchanger. An ultrasonic flow meter is then installed in an adjacent lube to read the localized flow rate. All data is then locally digitized, and sent via an RS-485 link to a remote computer where the data is analyzed, logged, and graphically displayed. Processed data may then be relayed to customer D.C.S. system via an RS-485 link.


Inlet Fluid Temperature
(2) Steam Temperatures per tube
Outlet Fluid Temperature
Flow Velocity

Processed Values:

For  each   installed   probe,  the  following values are processed and displayed:

Volumetric Flow
% of nominal flow rate
Tube U-value
Tube % of maximum load
Tube % Clean


Mounting hardware: Nylon and plastic to prevent galvanic corrosion
Probes: 4 or 8 Probes per System made from Titanium lubing
Computer: PC Compatible 586 or Pentium, 16 MB of memory. SVGA Monitor, RS485 card.
Software: Supplied software developed by B.S.I, using National Instruments LabViow development package. Provides user with a graphical interface to view, analyze, average , and display data.
Remote Data Collector: Vaisala QLI-50.
One collector per (2) probes
Communications: Alt communications via RS-485 link. Maximum length - 4000 ft.

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