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- Model 27 - Fill Pack Media



ONDA 27 FILL PACK [i.e. HX surface for heat and mass transfer; support surface in water treatment] is composed of a series of corrugated sheets of high quality PVC, which are assembled with the direction of the corrugations inverted every other sheet and glued together to form modules of the dimensions listed in the technical data.


In Evaporative Cooling Towers
This is the model of fill more suitable for the tougher industrial applications where the water is dirtier and contains suspended solids.

Inwastewater Treatment
For high rate trickling filters the advisable fill corrugation is 27mmwith a specific surface of 114 m²/m³. The corrugations improve the growth of the biological slime and the retention time. The indentations in the sheet surfaces, originally designed for the structural reinforced of the fill, is also advantageous for the biological slime formation.

It is thanks to the lesser tendency to blockage of these fill modules ( 97%opening ), compared to more traditional fill types ( 50÷60% opening ), that they have been increasingly employed for high rate . The main advantages of the use of this type of modular fill in conventional aerobic wastewater treatment can be summarised as follows: optimal water distribution which allows complete usage of the support surface; optimal air distribution; ease of slime sloughing from the support surfaces ; simplicity of fill support system and of installation and insertion; greater ease and safety for inspection and maintenance thanks to the rigid and homogeneous form of the fill. It is also worth mentioning that tests performed in pilot plants have shown that the insertion or modular fill into activated sludgebased treatment tanks can facilitate significantly the trickling filters denitrification process.

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