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ONDA 50 FILL PACK [i.e. HX surface for heat and mass transfer; support surface in water treatment] is composed of a series of semi-corrugated sheets of high quality PVC, compliant to the 94/96/CE directive, which are assembled with the direction of the corrugations inverted every other sheet and glued together to form modules of the dimensions listed in the technical data.

In industrial tower cells the usual fill for relatively clean cooling water is Onda 20 with inclined passages, or Onda 27 in case of dirtier water or with suspended solids.

However, in case of pollutant in the water as algae, small shells, etc., it is required a fill with intermediate features between inclined channel modules, and a 'splash' system with low specific surface.
Onda 50, with straight vertical channels minimize the risks of clogging and is just such a good compromise, maintaining film fill specific surfaces.

Therefore, the dimensions of the tower cells are reduced compared to a 'splash' layout with grills or bars.

It is advisable to install a half-layer of Onda 20 above the Onda 50 fill in order to ensure an effective water distribution to these fill modules.

The most used fill media for high load trickling filters is ONDA 27. However, in order to allow the aeration of the trickling filter, if an oxygen diffusion system by nozzles is provided, it is recommended to complete the bottom layer with a high passage media as ONDA 50.

This type of fill media is employed also in anaerobic digestors, which are usually placed upstream of an aerobic trickling filter if this one is notable to reduce the inlet organic load.

Inside the digestor, consisting of a closed column, the waste water flows from the bottom to the top, in contact with the structured fill media on which the anaerobic bacteria grow and consequently the organic matter is degraded.

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