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Coating, chemicals and closed cell insulation play an important part in today’s air duct cleaning and IAQ market place. They give you “proven solutions” that will help you solve the challenges you face and help you to better serve your customers. Choose from five coating families, field proven chemicals and close cell insulation. The more solutions you can offer your customers the more successful you will be.

  • Coatings enhance and extend the life of the HVAC system and offer the building owner a money saving option over replacing those components. Choose from five coating families: 
    • Tough Coat Insulation Repair Coating
    • Safe Encasement Specialty Coatings
    • Design Polymeric Family of Coatings
    • Fiberlock Family of Coatings
    • Foster Family of Coatings
  • Chemicals and surface treatments help you to sanitize, disinfect and clean surfaces found in HVAC systems. Choose from a wide selection of 'field proven' products.
  • Closed cell insulation is a great option for relining air handlers and other HVAC components once the existing insulation has deteriorated. It gives you a much more durable and cleanable surface your customers will appreciates.

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