One Stop Managed Waste Solutions Ltd.

One Stop Managed Waste Solutions Ltd.

- Pre-Crush Compactor



A Heavy Duty, Reinforced Waste Compactor with a Destructive Press Capability. Ideal for volume reduction, very heavy duty applications or for destruction of sensitive material.

  • Single Heavy Duty Cylinder
  • Stress Engineered Body
  • Low Friction Ram Head Guides
  • Portcullis Action Pre-pressing Waste in Captive Chamber Prior to Compaction
  • Large Charge Box Volume Options – 2.6 or 3.6 Cubic Yards
  • ¾ Full Warning System
  • Retaining Teeth on Header Bar
  • Key Start Operation
  • Auto Shut Down to Prevent Overloading
  • Made in the UK
  • All Purchases Inclusive of Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Operator Training

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