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Model OP3 Series - 3 Inch Oil Filled Submersible Motor


Rewindable. Upper bracket: Nickel plated cast iron. SS 316 available. Motor case: SS 304. Motor shaft: SS 304. Shaft extention and coupling: NEMA Standard. igh quality radial and thrusl ball bearings. Winding: enameled copper    Class F insulation. Degree of protection IP68/Class B insulation. Max temp. 35° with water cooling flow min. 0.08 m/s. Max depth immersion: 100 m. Nos. of start per hour: max 30 at regular intervals. Over-dimensioned sand slinger. Mechanical seal: graphite/ceramic. SiC/SiC or SiC/AI mechanical seal available as  option. Coolant: dielectric non toxic high quality lubricant. Motor cable length: 1,75 m (3 wires plus ground). Voltage variation: +/-10%.
Single phase motor available with permanent split capacitor. Suitable for horizontal operation.

Motor range versions:

  • Single Phase: 0.37kW (0.5hp) to 0.75kW (1hp), 220-230V / 50Hz (or 60Hz)
  • Three Phase: 0.37kW (0.5hp) to 1.10kW (1.5hp), 380-415V/50Hz - 460V/60Hz.
  • Other voltage and frequencies available upon request.

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