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- Model SB8/10 & SB3/4 - Oil & Chemical Adsorbent Booms



Two standard sizes are available: SB 8/10 - Nominal 8” wide and 10’ long, SB _ - Nominal 3” wide and 4’ long. An OPEC Sorbent Boom is a ‘fibre filled woven fabric that has been stitched closed’. This basically means that the fibre filling adsorbs the oil while allowing the water to pass through, effectively acting as a filter which does not allow the oil to pass outside the boomed area.

The fibre filling is a special polypropylene crimped fibre opened and blown into the fabric. The fibre is specially treated to make it hygroscopic, (repels water). The material is already oleophillic, (has an affinity for hydrocarbons).

The fabric cover is produced from polypropylene fabric which is woven with sufficient picks to allow total enclosure of the fibre whilst allowing an ingress of oil.

Each section of the SB 8/10 booms have rope support and velcro for to create strength as well as a seal.

The rope support is stitched into a special selvage in the outer fabric of the cover and provides the strength to allow multiple booms to be joined together. Each length of rope is spliced at each end, with one ring and one clip to allow quick, safe connection. The rope and overall length including the ring and clip is slightly shorter than the overall length of the boom to allow an overlap of an adjoining boom.

The velcro is stitched into the outer cover at each end of the boom to form a seal at each end to reduce the possibility of leakage of oil from each section.


Adsorbent materials used to temporary contain oil spills during an oil spill clean up operation.

  • Available in two standard sizes.
  • Used for spill clean-up operations in warehouses, factories and drain protection.
  • On inland waterways, settlement ponds, lagoons and shoreline (beach) areas.
  • Mainly for temporary use.
  • 3 metres of sorbent boom are capable of recovering up to 70 litres of oil or floating chemicals.
  • Make up part of opec’s emergency spill kits and tanker spill kits

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