- Model 2.8 - Diy Kit

Open Source Beaglebone Black AND Arduino MEGA microprocessors for a flexible and powerful developer platform. Dozens of input/output channels and plenty of computing power for user-designed features and experiments. Payload area for additional hardware or equipment. Join our open source, ocean-loving community. Find complete hardware and software files online, ask questions, share adventures, and meet other people with a passion for exploration. Minimum system requirements : OS/X/Windows/Linux, Latest Chrome browser.

What else do I need?
  • You will need a laptop with RJ-45 ethernet connector and a free USB port. Don't have an RJ-45 port? There are many USB to RJ-45 adapters on the market.
  • Rechargable 26650 batteries and chargers.
  • Optional: Gamepad controller such as a Logitech F310.
  • Optional: Video recording software. We like to use a Chrome extension called Screencastify.
  • You can learn even more about operating your OpenROV by reading our Operators Manual.

Tool List:

  • Soldering iron, heat gun, wire strippers, flush cutter
  • Hacksaw, small screwdriver set, needlenose pliers, scissors, utility knife, standard pliers
  • Acrylic cement, applicator for acrylic cement, Super Glue, 2-Ton Epoxy, silicon-based lubricant
  • Electrical tape, sand paper
  • Disposable rubber gloves, safety glasses

  • Live HD video

    It streams HD video to a surface laptop over an ultra-thin two-wire tether.

  • Neutrally buoyant and highly maneuverable

    The compact and lightweight ROV maneuvers using a proven three thruster design. It can dive to 100m (328ft) depths, and the intuitive control system allows for smooth movements.

  • Easy-to-use web browser interface.

    To operate the vehicle you do not need an internet connection or to download software on your computer.

  • Expandable

    External I2C bus with 3.3V power for instrumentation, like our IMU/Depth Sensor. One power PWM channel, one servo control channel, and an auxiliary wire for easy integration of additional components including servos, lights, or any other user-defined devices.

  • Active, worldwide community

    Gain access to an uncharted undersea world and the amazing, supportive community of people who are curious about it!
    Community additions include: mobile ROV control, compatibility with a variety of browsers, and the ability to connect wirelessly to the ROV topside adapter.

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