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- Model 150 - Drift Eliminator



OC-150 drift eliminators are designed to remove entrained water droplets from the leaving air stream at minimum pressure losses in both counter flow and cross flow cooling towers. Manufactured from rigid PVC sheets, they are fabricated from alternating corrugated and modified sine wave sheets bonded between 1.5” wide spacer sheets. The eliminators are resistant to ultraviolet light, rot, fungus, organic and inorganic solvents, acids, alkalis and chemicals typically found in cooling tower waters. Custom dimension modules and mil thicknesses are available upon request.

  • Minimum Pressure Drop
  • Multi-Pass High Efficient Drift Rate (.002%)
  • Design For Use in Crossflow and Counterflow Applications
  • Solvent Welded for Maximum Strength and Pack Integrity
  • Material Complies with Cooling Technology Institute Standard 136
  • Available in PVC or HPVC Material

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