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- Model H2Optima - Solar Powered Water Purification Unit


Based on the original idea of desalination plants, Optima Renovables has developed a solar powered water purification unit specifically for areas that have no electricity supply. For this device, an intelligent power management system has been created, to control the energy generated by the photovoltaic modules and the energy required by the treatment membranes system and pumps. Thanks to this system, high performance is obtained during the majority of the operating time. This optimizes the total results of the volume of processed water and therefore increasing the efficiency of the equipment.

The water purification unit H2Optima is suitable for any type of water, from slightly contaminated water to sea water, obtaining productions from 500 to 7500 liters/ day, depending on the starting water, only using the energy produced by the 3 pfotovoltaic panels.

In addition, to achieve maximum autonomy, consumables are not used.

A water purification unit H2optima was installed in the marina of Masnou (El Maresme). There, H2optima makes a lot of functions: cleaning of ships, filling their water tanks, irrigation for the gardened areas, service for toilets and showers, etc.

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