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The primary root emerges through the seed skin while the seed is still buried in the soil. The hypocotyls emerge from the seed coats and push its way up through the soil. The two cotyledons protect the epicotyls structures from mechanical damage. Once the hypocotyl emerges from the soil, it straightens out. The cotyledons spread apart exposing the epicotyls, consisting of the primary leaf (or leaves) and the apical meristem. In many dicots, the cotyledons not only supply their food reserve to the developing plant but also turn green and make more food by photosynthesis until they drop off.

The presence of micro and macro elements in the soil have beneficial effects on physical properties, the macro and micro elements in the soil play an important role in soil fertility.

Humic acid, humus material that is part of the soil property play an important role in the crop production.

However the circumstances under which the plant has to get access to this micro and macro elements present in the soil unfortunately this is not very well balanced in the soils. OPTIMUM SOIL caries in the granulate many elements which help to create a “micro environment were the solubility of the above mentioned micro and macro elements are more uniform and creates an environment which is closer to the plant needs.

These results in a quantitative and qualitative improvement in the crop and increases the plants resistance against pests and diseases, due to the higher uptake of the elements which are essential for the plant development.

OPTIMUM SOIL granulate has 2 types of release one quick and one slow release this to keep availability over a longer period.

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