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- Cleaning and Sanitizing System


Introducing OPURA, a revolutionary way of cleaning and sanitizing without the use of dangerous chemicals or cleaners!OPURA has been proven safe and effective in eradicating bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold sporesand other potential hazards commonly found on medical devices and instruments, hands, cutting boards, utensils, and other devices that must be cleaned and sterilized.

  • Patented fully automatic activator sensor - produces ozone only when water is flowing.
  • Light indicator gauge - shows ozone production and watr flow.
  • Variable ozone density regulator - choose from 5 levels of ozone production. From 50 mg/hr to 250 mg/h depending on your soil and bacterial load requirements.
  • Advanced microcomputer - regulates and controls production of ozone produced and density of ozone dissolved into the water.
  • Automatic shut-off - shuts off production of ozone after 10 continuous minutes of use. Avoids excessive ozone production. Resets automatically.
  • Patenting mixing aerator - ensures that ozone produced is efficiently dissolved into the water flow.
  • Mounts to existing faucets without tools - simply replace the existing aerator and connect. Includes adaptors for different types of faucets - even for non-threaded commercial faucets! Attaches in minutes.
  • Low voltage - Powered by a 12V DC converter. Energy efficient. Automatically adapts to 110V/60mhz or 220V/50mhz as required.
  • Ozone is most effective when used with cold water, saving money on heating costs.
  • Beautiful, compact design mounts on wall with screws, velcro tape or nail (all included as part of package).

Aqueous ozone produced by OPURA is a highly effective method of eradicating bacteria, fungi, moulds and other pathogens. After only 10 seconds of exposure to aqueous ozone produced by OPURA™, independant laboratory tests have yielded the following results:

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