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Rather than simply masking odour problems, Orchard Environmental Systems design a complete solution to remove the odours from the work environment and destroy them.

A typical odour control system is shown in the schematic below.

The system design starts with a survey of the process causing the odour problem to assess the source and nature of the odour. If the source is localised to a particular item of process equipment an extraction system can be designed specific to that plant and advice given as to any improvements to the process. If the source of the odour is widespread within a building, a ventilation system can be developed with the extraction volumes tailored to the size of the building, concentration of the odour and prevalent airflows within the building. A typical odour control system will include elements of both process specific and general area extraction.

The air removed from the plant rooms is then ducted to the inlet of an Orchard Environmental Systems Odour Scrubber. The odour is removed by absorption into the liquid phase and then chemical neutralisation. The scrubbing liquor and dosing control methods will be selected according to the nature of the odour. The major odour source for food industry and effluent plants are typically hydrogenated sulphur compounds such as Hydrogen Sulphide which can be very effectively treated with our gas scrubbing systems.

An exhaust fan draws the clean treated air from the scrubber and discharges it to atmosphere.

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