3PLW Ltd.

3PLW Ltd.

Organic Waste to Bioplastics Technology


3PLW develops a proprietary biochemicals production process, based on the core principles of Anaerobic Digestion (AD). It entails hydrolysis of complex organic waste sources, and subsequent fermentation. The novel bioprocess reduces AD residence times to approximately 72 hours and cuts the cost of processing biomass to allow greater productivity

Research & Development

The company tests municipal and industrial organic waste streams to maximize the performance of proprietary microorganisms employed in the bioprocess.

Molecular Biology

Utilizing cutting-edge molecular tools, the company  produces unique microorganisms, tailored for extraction of maximum value from a specific waste stream according to its composition. This is achieved by a rigorous analysis of biomolecules and chemicals in the waste.

3PLW will supply services to existing and new fermentation facilities. The company will provide technical know-how and license IP to convert these facilities into biorefineries for biochemicals production.

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