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- Model N-65 - Oil Sorbents



Organolock N-65 is a new generation block co-polymer that is highly effect at absorbing organic waste contaminants and certain oils. The product is especially effective with volatile and high Kb-Value solvents such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, benzene and chlorinated solvents.  The product crosslinks to encapsulate organics and forms a rubbery mass that can be removed for disposal or incineration. Many wastes when treated with Organolock™ N-65  will pass EPA 9095 (Paint Filter Test) as well as TCLP. The product is also highly hydrophobic thereby rendering it an excellent choice to capture select organic contaminants from water.

Free Swell Absorbency Test are as follows: (Weight basis, gram-to-gram absorbency ratio)

  • Diesel Fuel  9 - 11 X
  • Gasoline     5 - 7 X
  • Mineral Oil USP 5 - 8 X
  • Kerosene    9 - 11 X
  • Trichloroethylene (TCE)  6 - 8 X
  • Benzene     9 - 11 X

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