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The Orion 420 Weather Station offers a complete weather station with 4-20 mA output for industrial PLC interface.

Modbus/OPC communication is available with the Orion LX Weather Station.

Weather Parameters Monitored • Temperature • Barometric Pressure • Relative Humidity • Wind Direction and Speed • Rainfall

With ultrasonic technology, the Orion 420 offers high accuracy and stability. Users will be able to monitor weather data on their PLC plant software such as Wonderware®.

Additionally, real time monitoring, data logging, and graphing are available with a stand-alone Weather Display Console and/or WeatherMaster Software. The Weather MicroServer can also be connected to offer Internet-ready data as well as additional industrial protocols.

  • Most essential weather parameters in one compact module
  • 4-20 mA current output for all parameters
  • Triangular design ensures excellent data availability and 360° wind measurement accuracy
  • No moving parts make it superior to conventional mechanical wind sensors
  • Easy to install and requires no field calibration or maintenance
  • Compact and robust sensor in durable, corrosion-resistant housing
  • Starting threshold for both wind speed and direction is virtually zero
  • Heated model is available
  • One-year Warranty

  • Orion Sensor Transmitter (with 50-foot cable and mounting adapter) including:
    • Radiation shield with temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure
    • Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors with alignment adaptor
    • Impact rainfall
  • Weatherproof enclosure
    • Two 4-20 mA converter modules
    • Power supply
    • AC surge protector
  • Optional: Heaters for wind sensor
  • Recommended: Bird Spike Kit, Surge Protector (Arrestor)

Both wind speed and direction are measured using an advance ultrasonic sensor. The sensor uses ultrasound to determine horizontal wind speed and direction. The array of three equally spaced ultrasonic transducers on a horizontal plane is an ideal design which ensures accurate wind measurement from all wind directions, without blind angles or corrupted readings.

The wind sensor has no moving parts, which makes it maintenance free. The measurement range for wind speed is from 0 to 134 mph (0 to 60 m/s) and for wind direction from 0 to 360°.

Barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity measurements are combined in an advanced sensor module utilizing capacitive measurement method for each parameter.

Barometric pressure is measured using a silicon-based sensor. The sensor has minimal hysteresis and excellent repeatability, as well as outstanding temperature and long-term stability. The measurement range is from 17.72 to 32.48 in. Hg (600 to 1100 millibars)

Temperature measurement is based on a ceramic sensor. The measurement range is from -61.6 to 140 °F (-52 to +60 °C).

Humidity measurement is based on a capacitive technology. The sensor is highly accurate and it offers excellent long-term stability in a wide range of environments withnegligible hysteresis. The measurement range for humidity is 0 to 100% RH.

This tri-sensor module is mounted in a specially designed radiation shield and is easily replaceable and available as a spare component.

The shield protects the sensors form both scattered and direct solar radiation and precipitation. The plastic material in the plates offers excellent thermal characteristics and UV stabilized construction. The white outer surface reflects radiation, while the black inside absorbs accumulated heat.

The rainfall measurement is based on an impact sensor, which detects the impact of individual rain drops. The signals exerting from the impacts are proportional to the volume of the drops. Hence, the signal from each drop can be converted directly to the accumulated rainfall. Due to the measurement method, flooding, clogging as well as wetting and evaporation losses in rain measurement are eliminated.

Wind Speed
ange: 0-135mph (0-60 m/s)
Accuracy: ±0.7 mph (+/-0.3 m/s)
Resolution: 1 mph (1 m/s)
Units Available: knots, mph, km/hr, m/s

Range: -60 to 140°F (-52 to +60°C)
Accuracy: ±0.5°F (+/-0.3°C) at 68°F (+20°C)
Resolution: 0.1°F
Units Available: °F, °C

Relative Humidity
Range: 0 - 100%
Accuracy: ±3% (0-90%), 5% (90-100%)
Resolution: 1%
Units Available: %RH

Wind Direction
Azimuth: 0-360°
Accuracy: ±2°
Resolution: 1°
Units Available: ° Azimuth 

Barometric Pressure
Range: 17.50 to 32.50 InHg (600 to 1100 hPa)
Accuracy: ±0.015 InHg (0.5 hPa) at +32 to 86°F (0 to 30°C)
±0.03 InHg (1 hPa) at -60 to 140°F (-52 to 60°C)
Resolution: 0.01 InHg (0.1 hPa)
Units Available: Kpa, mbar, InHg

Range: cumulative
Collection Area: 602cm
Accuracy: ±5% (spatial variations may exist)
Resolution 0.01 in. (0.254mm )
Units Available: mm, inches

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