ORION Inspection System



From the silicon raw material one grows crystal ingots which are sawed into the silicon blocks. It is reasonable to sort out faulty parts as soon as possible or even better to avoid processing them. Our ORION silicon block inspection systems offer a fully automated solution for the inspection task before the two process steps polishing and wafer sawing: The ORION NIR inspection generates cutting proposals for the wafer sawing process. With the knowledge of inclusions in the material necessary conclusion of the process can be drawn. The ORION 3D geometry measurement system is generating proposals for the polishing system to reduce the polishing effort. The automatic inspection of silicon blocks is suitable for continuous automated production as well as for manual operation as a stand-alone system, e.g. for the laboratory. It is possible to combine the two systems into one machine.

ORION NIR inspection

  • Detection of smallest structures of SiN/SiC inclusions
  • Resolution down to 100 µm
  • Generation of cutting proposals
  • 3D reconstruction of the inclusions of individual blocks and of whole ingots
  • Maintenance free NIR lighting

ORION 3D geometry measurement

  • Measurement of length, width and height
  • Ascertainment of angularity, rectitude, flatness and tilt angle
  • Measurement of the chamfers
  • Detection of chipping, rills and other defects
  • Generation of grinding proposals
  • Block sizes from 125 x 125 x 100 mm³ up to 210 × 210 × 800 mm³

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